Are you not ready to give up on snow by April, and daydreaming about free-riding in wild landscapes? You should consider Northern Iceland, a winter playground with opportunities for skiing far into the arctic summer.

Icelandic Adventure Trip with AVI Certification

Avalanche Science and VT Adventures are partnering Sóti Summits to offer an adventure “split-boarding / ski touring” trip to Iceland in 2021. Iceland’s extreme northern latitude allows for long touring days with 15 hours of daylight in April. Plenty of time to free-ride Iceland’s Northern fjords with long descents to the Arctic Sea, where it is likely to see whales, dolphins, and seals. And since we are in the land of Ice and Fire, each day ends with a visit to geothermal pools or natural hot springs.

Every day offers a unique riding experience. The Troll Peninsula offers plenty of options with couloir, open bowls, and peak summits to glacier valleys or coastal descents. And POW is well preserved in April due to its low average minimum of  -1 degrees Celsius.

The adventure trip includes Avalanche Level 1 and Rescue certification from an AAA (American Avalanche Association) certified and AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) instructor.

Avalanche transceiver and rescue equipment is required. Trip participants must be in good health and capable of skiing for four consecutive days, with daily vertical descents of 800-1200 meters per day.


Santiago (Chago) Rodriguez,

Avalanche educator since 1996.

A certified instructor for the American Avalanche Association (AAA), AAA PRO 1 and PRO 2 Instructor, AIARE recreational Instructor and course Leader, and Owner of Avalanchje Science LLC, an avalanche education entity endorsed by the AAA. Chago is also an avalanche instructor trainer for the National Ski Patrol.

Chago is a Geophysics Ph.D. candidate with specialization in snow metamorphism studies with microwave sensors and remote sensing. He also does work for NASA as a snow and avalanche Researcher at the CryoGARS group – Boise State University.

Chago is a ski guide with extensive experience from Central Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Colorado, the Argentinean and Chilean Andes, and the Andorran and Spanish Pyrenees.
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  • Day 1: Day of arrival
  • Day 2: Classroom 8:00-12:00. Field 13:00-16:00. Avalanche Rescue simulations.
  • Day 3: Classroom 8:00-12:00. Field 13:00-16:00. Snow observations, snow pits, stability testing.
  • Day 4-7: Field Day 8:00-16:00
  • Day 8: Day of departure


  • 7 nights in Sóti Lodge, Fljót, Iceland
  • 7 x breakfast, 6 x lunch, 7 x Three-course dinner
  • Ground transportation
  • ski lift passes
  • ski guiding
  • two avalanche certifications

Rates & Dates:

This trip is offered at the following date in 2021:
  • Date of arrival April 5th (Pick up from Akureyri Airport)
  • Date of departure April 12th
  • €2300 per person (2 persons in one room)
  • €2600 per person (1 person room)

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What to bring: 

  • Backback (min. 32l)
  • Backcountry skiis
  • Skins
  • Helmet
  • googles
  • Shovel, probe, beacon
  • Relevant outdoor equipment for traveling in winter conditions

Not Included:

  • Airline tickets to Iceland
  • Ski touring or split-boarding equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages and personal snacks

Learning Outcomes for REC1+ Module

  1. Gain an understanding of avalanche beacon technology and receive advanced training in avalanche companion rescue techniques.
  2. Safe travel in avalanche terrain; protocols, rituals, and human factors.
  3. Recognize avalanche terrain and the role of slope angles. Estimating and measuring slope angles.
  4. Introduction to the Avalanche Release Conceptual model and the development of a systematic method for avalanche risk assessment and execution of safe travel plans.
  5. Gain an understanding of the science of snow crystals, metamorphism, and slab avalanche fracture mechanics.
  6. Understand the impact of weather in the snowpack. Track precipitation, wind, and temperature critical thresholds driving stability.
  7. Target observations relevant to the avalanche problem of the day.
  8. Reliable identification of slab and weak layer structures in snow pits. Characterize snowpack structure reactivity with basic stability tests.

Learning Outcomes for RESCUE Module

  1. Conduct transceiver functional verification at the trailhead.
  2. Understand the value and the function of avalanche rescue equipment.
  3. Demonstrate the operation of a transceiver/beacon.
  4. Demonstrate professional level probing techniques.
  5. Become a reliable avalanche rescue companion.
  6. Acquire skills in executing avalanche single victim rescues with a team.
  7. Become a competent rescuer during two-victims avalanche scenarios.
  8. Demonstrate or identify the steps necessary to be able to complete a two-avalanche victim rescue in less than 7 minutes in a 50×50 meter area.
  9. Effectiveness in communication during avalanche rescues.
  10. Capabilities generating Emergency Response Plans.
  11. Internalize that an avalanche incident is a medical emergency, and develop familiarity with potential injuries and potential medical issues common among buried avalanche victims.
  12. Develop awareness about the value of WFA/WFR/OEC/WEMT training.

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Cancellation policy & refund protocol 

Our cancellation and refund policy are as follows:

  • 100 % refund if the trip is canceled due to public decisions for infection control or illness related to COVID-19
  • 80 % refund if the trip is canceled with more than 7 days notice
  • 50 % refund if the trip is canceled with more than 72 hours notice
  • No refund if the trip is canceled with less than 72 hours notice

If weather conditions call for changes, Soti Summits offers the following options:

  • Full refund
  • Trip moved to another date
  • Trip itinerary is adapted to conditions