Starting spring 2022: North Iceland sea tours

The newest addition to the Sóti Summits selection of tours and services

Gain access to the hidden gems of North Iceland by hopping one of Sóti Summits boat tours!

Sóti Summits offers a new way to enjoy the Icelandic coastline, by exploring from the waters of the Arctic Ocean.  Boat tours open unique opportunities to experience places not easily accessible from land, small fjords and remote locations without road connections.

Towering cliffs, such as Hvanndalabjarg, the highest sea cliff in Iceland, are home to a multitude of seabirds and seals and whales room the waters underneath the boat.  They also offer a chance to catch your own meal: try your luck at sea angling with a borrowed rod from the skipper!

Sóti Summits offers backcountry skitouring in the remote fjords of North West Iceland. There, guests tour by day and spend the nights aboard the boat enjoying the arctic waters. The boat sleeps up to 10 guests with the crew and guides. Therefore, it is the perfect size for a small group or family to enjoy.

The locations

Siglufjörður, our home base is the northernmost town in Iceland and only 30 minutes from Sóti Lodge, our hotel in Skagafjörður. From Siglufjordur we can set course along a number of different routes to explore the north coast of Iceland. Island hopping will take us to the polar circle with a stop at Grímsey and the historical Islands of Skagafjörður, Málmey and Drangey. Wildlife tours along the coast pass by Hvanndalabjarg, Siglunes and Héðinsfjöður into Eyjafjörður, with its picturesque harbours and villages.

Available tours

Private day tours with added activities are available for larger groups of up to 35 people upon request. We will also be running daily departures most weekends from late June until August from Siglufjörður. There, we focus on the coastline of Tröllaskagi peninsula with its majestic views and marine life.

Let us arrange a private tour for your group:  for more information and quotes please get in touch with us through