The Adventurer

Nature running & mountain biking on the Troll peninsula.

Three fjords

2 day ski touring on the Troll peninsula

Extend your knowledge in the mountains

International avalanche course with ski touring adventure

From summit to sea

4 day ski touring adventure on the northern point of the Troll peninsula.

International avalanche course – Troll peninsula.

Take the weekend to extend your knowledge in the mountains. Avalanche awareness, avalanche rescue and backcountry skiing.

Electric mountain bike – Siglufirði

Exciting EMTB trip suitable for beginners & experienced bikers.

Hiking – Selvíkurviti / Kálfsdalur

A family friendly hiking trip, following the coastline from Staðarhólsströnd to the magical lighthouse at Self.

Hiking – Siglufjarðarskarð

Follow the old trail over Siglufjarðarskarð, from Fljótin to Siglufjörður

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