Water and wellness at Sóti Lodge

Enjoy the autumn peace at our quality hotel in Fljótin - relaxation, wellness and excellent food in beautiful surroundings

The Sóti Lodge weekend getaway

A perfect weekend package for those who want to enjoy serenity and good food in North Iceland

Autumn Round up Riding

4 days of riding topped of with a sheep round up and an evening of celebration

Troll peninsula E-mountainbiking and Accommodation

Accommodation and day tour at Sóti Lodge

Against the current – on sea kayak in North Iceland

Experience the natural wonders of Iceland from a new perspective, sea kayaking along the northern coastline.

Electric mountain bike tour in North Iceland – Siglufjörður

Exciting Electric mountain bike trip suitable for beginners & experienced bikers.

Quick e-mountain bike tour around Siglufjordur

Short bike ride from Siglufjordur

Three day hiking tour: On Top of Troll Peninsula!

Three areas - three routes - three days of happiness and outdoor travel!

Tailor made tours – for families and small groups

Allow us to help you design the Iceland tour of a lifetime!

Hiking – Selnesviti / Kálfsdalur

A family friendly hiking trip, following the coastline from Staðarhólsströnd to the magical lighthouse at Self.

Hiking – Siglufjarðarskarð

Follow the old trail over Siglufjarðarskarð, from Fljótin to Siglufjörður

The Adventurer: Nature running and biking in North Iceland

Adventurous nature running & mountain biking in the Troll peninsula.

From summit to sea

4 day ski touring adventure on the northern point of the Troll peninsula.

Sailing the Arctic North

Explore the Arctic North on the Qilak yacht!

The Wild West sailing tour

Explore the Wild West of Iceland on board Qilak

Bikes and birds sailing tour

Bikes and birds in West Iceland on board Qilak

Backcountry ski course in North Iceland

3 day ski touring on the Troll peninsula

International avalanche course – Troll peninsula.

Take the weekend to extend your knowledge in the mountains. Avalanche awareness, avalanche rescue and backcountry skiing.

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