Sóti Summits is a North Iceland travel agency, operated by Icelanders with a desire for adventure travel and inspired by the pristine nature of northern Iceland and the Troll Peninsula

We design our experiences based on our own passion for nature, adventure, and sustainability.

Icelands natural environment is at the core of our experiences and we take every measure to ensure that it will be there for years to come. We demonstrate our ambitions for sustainability through our practices, basing our products on local expertise and immersive discovery by foot or bike, rather than long distance driving and destination sampling.

Our trips are hand-crafted with the exploring adventurer in mind and through them we can share our passion for the stunning Troll Peninsula and the north of Iceland. All our experiences showcase the region through tours and activities, and also through delicious local food and superb accommodation.

Last but not least, our people. Our local guides are our backbone. With extensive outdoor adventure experience coupled with  in-depth knowledge of local stories and history, you are in good hands.

We can’t wait to show you the north we know.

About the team

Sóti Summits works towards offering quality accommodation & guiding service in the north of Iceland, we reach these standards through safety, comfort & high standards in all service. The team behind Sóti Summits have a diverse background & work on diverse projects.


Margrét Kristinsdóttir

Margrét Kristinsdóttir is the operations manager of Sóti Lodge. She makes sure that you feel welcome and comfortable when you stay with us. Margrét has extensive experience when it comes to hotel management, guest services and hospitality.

Margrét is born and raised in Siglufjörður and her whole family lives in the town.

Her passion is hiking the magnificent mountains of the Troll Peninsula and discovering new places, so make sure to ask her for her newest discoveries when visiting Sóti Lodge.

Her goal at Sóti is to deliver authentic, personal and quality services and to help create unique memories for our visitors.

Ólöf Ýrr og Arnar Þór

In the autumn of 2015, Arnar Þór Árnason and Ólöf Ýrr Atladóttir purchased the old school building at Sólgarðar in the beautiful region of Fljót. The main attractions were the tremendous access to nature and the outdoors that the place provided, but they also harbored a dream of offering high-quality lodgings for like-minded visitors craving natural experiences, adventure, tranquility – and a place to breathe. Our aim is to offer a haven for our guests while providing keys to immersive experiences in the great outdoors of the Troll Peninsula and the beautiful region of Fljót to explorers near and far. We base our operations on ambitions of responsible and sustainable tourism, sourcing local food, local know-how, and local adventure.

Gestur Þór

When it comes to adventures, Gestur Þór is the designer. Working as the operations manager of Sóti Summits, he is the guy managing the travel agency section of our operations. Gestur Þór is from North Iceland and has lived in Siglufjörður for the past 4 years. He has worked as a mountain guide for nearly a decade, guiding travelers on rafting tours, mountain biking, glacier hiking and climbing, as well as bringing people to the summit of Iceland (Hvannadalshnjúkur). He has had experience with almost all adventure activities in Iceland.

Gestur Þór is a certified medical transporter in Fjallabyggð and is about to graduate as an emergency transporter after four years of studying. He is also a member of the voluntary Search and Rescue team in Siglufjörður.

His tourism experience in Iceland covers a long period. He will help you design the perfect itinerary for your personal adventure in the north.