Sóti SummitSustainability  
At Sóti Summits we are aware that tourism, with its potential for providing local economic gainspromoting interactions between people and culture, raising awareness of our environment, and increasing the wellbeing and life satisfaction of consumers, can also have detrimental effects when not managed properly.  

We want to show responsibility from the onset and have defined our sustainability ambitions, with the goal of raising the bar consistently as we develop and grow as a tourism and hospitality provider. 

Our sustainability ambitions: 

  • A systematic approach to operations 
    • Staff training and professionalism ensures our clients safety and their positive experience. We gather feedback from customers to ensure that we increase the quality of our operations with every trip. 
    • We are aware of the need to follow a responsible purchasing policy, where we focus as possible on frugal consumption and local goods, referencing official guidelines as relevant. 
    • We abide by all laws and regulations and acquire all necessary licenses and permissions. 
  • Support for our local community  
    • We seek to recruit local talent and provide job opportunities within our community. 
    • We purchase locally sourced good to the extent possible. 
    • We collaborate with local companies and service providers. 
    • We actively participate in regional marketing endeavors. 
  • Cultural considerations 
    • We encourage our staff to cultivate an interest in local culture and history and to share local knowledge with our clients. 
    • We offer local cultural activities as part of our itineraries. 
    • We place a high value giving our clients an opportunity to interact with locals, thus gaining insights into North Icelandic society. 
  • Environmental considerations 
    • We teach our guests how to behave responsibly in Iceland’s cold and sensitive climate. Here, above all, it is important to remember our mantra:  „Take nothing but photos – leave nothing but footprints. “   
    • In particular, food waste and other biological waste does not break down in Iceland’s highlands and we take steps to ensure that this is removed accordingly.  
    • We utilize resources and materials responsibly in all aspects of our operations, from office work to transportation. 
    • We love our country and the landscape we work in.  We treat it with respect and care, taking steps to ensure that our activities today will not be noticed by our customers tomorrow.