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Sóti Summits offers a variety of adventure tours all year round!

We work with the seasons, so you have various exciting opportunities no matter the time of year.

Throughout the summer (June-September), our most popular activities are our signature electric mountain biking tours, day hikes and oak boat excursions. Hikes and bike rides are always tailored to you – so whether you’re looking for an easy coastal walk or challenging climbs, we’ve got the adventure for you.

As the nights draw in, snow begins to limit our access to mountain trails, we continue to offer our Sigló Stroll town tours and Avalanche Garden short hikes.

From January, our classic cross-country ski weekends begin! These are ever-popular and run through until March. By then, we have a solid snowpack in the mountains and increasing daylight hours to enjoy it – so that’s the time for backcountry skiing. As the snowline creeps steadily higher, we follow it! From late April through May is heliskiing season – and as that comes to a close, well, it’s time to get the bikes back out and do it all again.

Get in touch today and let us plan your perfect holiday – whatever the season.


Sóti Lodge is set in a hiker’s paradise. Climb the Sótahnjúkur peak, our namesake, directly from the hotel, or travel in either direction to find more beautiful terrain. To the west, there is flatter seaside terrain where one can for example reach Þórðarhöfði cape, which is connected to the mainland via a narrow spit. To the east, there are the rugged Troll peninsula mountains, the biggest and tallest continuous mountain range in Iceland.

Because of our local geology, you can just as easily find yourself in remote mountain valleys, atop soaring peaks or watching waves crash along the coast. We also see a lot less local traffic than the more popular trails in Iceland, so if you’re looking for a sense of solitude, we can absolutely provide that.

And don’t forget, we offer hiking day tours tailored to your experience and ability. We work only with local guides who know the area well, so along the way you’ll be learning about the wildflowers, edible plants and berries, local bird and wildlife, and the geology of the area.


Biking in the Troll peninsula can be a varied experience! Cruise over the Lágheiði gravel road, or challenge yourself climbing over the Siglufjarðarskarð pass. For advanced riders with a sense of adventure, there’s a wealth of narrow sheep trails you can take deep into the mountains, or for downhill junkies, why not head to Hlíðarfjall in Akureyri?

Or if you’re just looking to take in Siglufjörður and our local trails, why not join one of our signature e-mountain bike tours? We’ve got a variety of options for riders of all abilities – whether you and your family are just looking for a bit of fun, or you want to take on a challenge.

We have also been known to run private mountain biking experiences for groups, complete with accommodation at the one and only Sóti Lodge.  Interested? Let us know exactly what you’re looking for, and let us arrange it for you.

Boat excursions

The sea has played a key part in the history of Iceland, and the Troll peninsula has a number of old fishing towns along its coastline. Heading out onto the ocean waves is a great way to connect with the country and communities – and with a wealth of marine life, who knows what you’ll find out there?

In 2023 we officially launched our very own Oak Boat Excursions from Siglufjörður! In collaboration with Gunnar and his vessel Örkin, join us for an adventure on the fjord, featuring facts, folk tales and fishing.

Other options for would-be seafarers include various whale watching opportunities, a trip to the puffin island Drangey, a ferry to Grímsey to cross into the Arctic Circle, or a ride over to Hrísey for an enjoyable hike.

Kayak and SUP

We work closely with the team at Sigló Sea, who offer paddlesport experiences for all levels! Whether you’re a total beginner or skilled SUP-er, they’ve got the experience for you!

If you’re feeling very brave, there’s also a local wild swimming club who dip regularly in the sea and lakes. Booties and gloves are available for hire. Reach out for more information!

Horseback riding

We work closely with our friends and neighbors at Langhús farm. Owned and operated by professional horse trainers and wife & husband team Lukka and Láki, they offer guided horse riding trips for all experience levels. They take great pride in what they’ve been doing since 1997, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to experience the Icelandic horse.


Three of the better-known museums in Iceland are to be found in our area.

Perhaps the best-known museum in the whole of Iceland is the Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður. It tells the story of the “Herring Adventure” which lasted for nearly a century and laid the foundations for a modern society in Iceland. The exhibition has received numerous awards, amongst them the “European Museum Award” in 2004.

Glaumbær is a historical church site dating back to the early Christian era, with a typical Icelandic farmhouse made of turf, driftwood, and rocks. Parts of it are centuries old, but most of it from the mid 18th century. Compared to the churches and castles in Europe it may not sound very old, but for Iceland, it sure is a remarkable testimony of past times.

The Icelandic Emigration Center in Hofsós is dedicated to commemorate Icelandic emigrants to America in the late 1800s and the beginning of the 1900’s – a difficult period in Iceland’s history when nearly 20% of our population decided to search for a better life elsewhere.

Fascinated by history? Our Sigló Stroll is the perfect experience for culture enthusiasts to combine with a visit to the Herring Era Museum.

Backcountry skiing

There’s a reason why all the major ski expedition companies base their operations on Troll Peninsula. The topography provides easy access and nearly guaranteed snow from summit to sea until mid-May or even June, with endless lines and options that suit most levels of skiers.

Siglufjörður also hosted the Freeride World Tour in March 2020, as well as the local Super Troll ski race. It’s also home to the Sigló Freeride Festival – one of the best parties of the year!

Need we say more? If you’re looking to break into the world of backcountry skiing, brush up on your skills or just enjoy a guided experience at the heart of the Icelandic ski world, we can help.

Cross country skiing

Only a few decades ago skis were the preferred winter transportation method for the people of Fljót. The community would snow in for months, but the locals were eager to ski. They would also travel to other places in Iceland to compete in ski tournaments and meet skiers in places like Ísafjörður and Egilsstaðir. Today the locals do not ski out of necessity, but of passion. Trails are groomed frequently and are open for locals and visitors alike. Every year during Easter, the local ski organization organizes a race that is open to Icelanders and visitors alike.

Here at Sóti, our cross-country ski weekend courses have become something of a legend. If you’re looking for a winter adventure holiday tied to the local culture and community – this might just be it!

Alpine skiing

Sometimes you just want to get in as many rides as possible. Then, the fantastic Siglufjörður lift-accessed ski area is not a bad option. Three lifts carry skiers up the slopes, the top end reaching over 650m above sea level. The ski area is equipped with floodlighting for those super short days in mid-winter.

There are four main lift-accessed ski areas on the Troll peninsula – Hlíðarfjall in Akureyri, Böggvistaðafjall in Dalvík, Skarðsdalur in Siglufjörður, and Tindastóll near Sauðárkrókur.

Hot pools

Sólgarðar swimming pool, a charming country swimming pool, is next door to Soti Lodge and has served the people of Fljót for decades. Numerous other geothermal hot pools and wild hot springs are located in the region, among them the well-known infinity pool in the village of Hofsós. Grettislaug and Fosslaug are among the more famous “wild” pools in the area.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, why not try out the Beer Spa in Arskógssandur, or the Forest Lagoon in Akureyri?


Surfing has typically not been something one thinks about when Iceland comes to mind, but that has changed in recent years as surf crews have ventured further into colder water. Some of the better-known waves in Iceland are located in our area, in Hlöðnuvík and close to Ólafsfjörður.


Two well-known fly fishing rivers shape the Fljót area. Fljótaá is an excellent salmon fishing river, teeming with Arctic char for those who just want to catch their dinner. Flókadalsá is similarly perfect for family fishing adventures, with freshwater fish of all types present during the summer and early autumn. Many farmers in the region offer licenses for lake fishing and/or permits for bird hunting during the autumn hunting season.