A tailor made tour for you and those you cherish

Do you dream of inviting family and friends to tailor made tours that are curated to fit your expectations?
Would you like to spend time with those you cherish, creating incredible memories in Icelands spectacular nature?
Do you long to tackle new outdoor challenges, expanding your comfort zone and your limitations?

Sóti Summits specialises in providing tailor made tours in Iceland for families and small groups. Whether you dream of adventure, relaxation, culture, or just to balance your inner and outer wellbeing – we endeavor to surpass your expectations.

Our services

Sóti Lodge  is our adventure lodge at the tip of the Troll Peninsula and the perfect getaway for small groups. We combine high quality accommodation with personal services so as to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our guests. In the evenings, our visitors are offered the unforgettable experience of enjoying locally sourced gourmet meals, while taking in the beautiful vistas of the Troll Peninsula mountain ranges.

Our professional staff at Sóti Summits provides first rate guide services and tour organisation. We organise transportation according to your needs, arrange all bookings and reservations and make sure that your dream tour is unforgettable, wildly enjoyable and completely without a hitch.

Our playground

North Iceland is a diverse and exciting destination. Here you can discover new natural and cultural jewels at every crossing and create personal memories through the multitude of activities on offer.

Troll Peninsula is an incredible outdoor paradise and offers endless possibilities for activities and adventure.

Fljót in Skagafjord is a wonderful area, where tranquility meets travel and natural beauty reigns supreme. Recreational opportunities are diverse in Fljót and surroundings, both for those who wish to travel independently and those who prefer to participate in organised tours, while perhaps mastering new skills at the same time. Sóti Summits offers a range of tours and Troll peninsula adventure with the assurance of quality, enjoyment and unforgettable moments.

Let us create your dream tour of Iceland. 

  • Further information, tour design and pricing: please send us a query to info@sotitravel.is


Group sizes:

  • Minimum – 4 persons
  • Maximum – 15 persons


Tour opportunities in summer 2021 include:

  • Family itineraries
  • Yoga and wellness tours
  • Gourmet and culture tours
  • Fishing tours
  • Hiking tours
  • Nature trail running
  • Fjallahjólaferðir
  • Mountain bike tours
  • Sea kayaking
  • Or the perfect. blend of all activities!

Tour opportunities in winter 2021 include:

  • Friend group adventure itineraries
  • Cozy relaxation tours
  • Yoga and wellness tours
  • Hunting tours
  • Back country ski touring
  • Cross country ski touring
  • Incentives and workshop settings for work places


Contact us through info@sotitravel.is – we look forward to creating the perfect itinerary for you!