Sóti Summits offers relaxing flotation experiences, private and semi-private flotation treatments in Barðslaug by Sóti Lodge. The therapy sessions follow the methodology developed by Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir and colleagues at Flothetta (www.flothetta.com). Ólöf Ýrr Atladóttir is a trained Flothetta flotation therapist and leads the floating sessions at Barðslaug.

Barðslaug in Fljótin

Water is an essential ingredient of life and since the beginning of time man has understood its importance for our health and wellbeing. Throughout millennia, water therapies have been developed in civilizations around the world and have been an important part of lifestyles and cultures.

In Iceland, the hot water flowing the earth has been enjoyed for relaxation and wellness from the days of settlement, as we can read about in our old manuscripts. The natural pools in Skagafjörður played a role in the civil wars of the 13th century, but we do not know how the natural hot spring in Barðsland was utilized before the first pool was constructed in 1895.


Flothetta is the creation of the designer and entrepreneur Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir. She is a pioneer in flotation therapy in Iceland and has collaborated with international experts since 2012 to develop treatment methods adapted to Icelandic waters. A growing number of water enthusiasts use her devices and methods for water relaxation and wellbeing.

Flotation experiences at Barðslaug follow the acknowledged methodology developed by Unnur Valdís Kristjánsdóttir and her colleagues (www.flothetta.com). The Icelandic flotation therapy integrates ancient treatment traditions and the Icelandic pool culture.


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A flotation experience after a fulfilling day in Iceland’s natural wonders provides renewed energy for more exhilaration. HERE  you can see all the experiences Sóti Summits offers.