Summer is over, time to focus!

Since we were children starting new school classes every autumn, we’ve spent years with the implicit understanding that this is the time of year to concentrate on our goals, to build the groundwork for growth and improvement in the new year. It’s a time for team building, reassessing, and refocusing – setting ourselves up for success through the winter. 

The long, dark evenings of autumn

With the dark skies firmly reasserting themselves over Iceland, and summer now only present in glances in the rear-view mirror, now is the time to take stock of what we’ve achieved and what we still hope to achieve in the fading light of 2022. 

It can be easy to feel discouraged by the onset of winter. After all, who doesn’t love long, sunny days, summer holidays and festivals? But really, we have plenty to enjoy throughout the autumn – with so little light pollution, the return of night also means the return of spectacular starscapes and dancing auroras. There are opportunities for new experiences, such as walking in darkness and sensing your surroundings in a whole different way.

Cooler temperatures have us digging out our favourite hot chocolate mugs, candles and hot water bottles, and turning our homes into oases of light, warmth and comfort. 

Team building and incentives in the midst of nature’s harsh beauty

At Sóti Lodge we have the perfect venue for teams looking to come together and improve their ability to collaborate and succeed together. With incredible food, quality rooms and breathtaking mountain views, you can forget about logistics. Here, you have the space to concentrate on building connections and shared visions on how to tackle upcoming projects. 

What will the weather do? Well, we have no idea. But we’re sure that managing activities and events around the environment will encourage your teams adaptability and thinking outside the box to get the job done around unforeseen challenges. We’re so fortunate to have such an exciting, dynamic environment here on the Troll peninsula. We learn a lot just from existing here, and we’d love to share that with you and your team. 

Get in touch through and let us design the perfect getaway for your team!