Winter still reigns…

The winter solstice is behind us. Slowly but surely, the days get longer and every day the sun rises a little bit higher in its battle with the moon for supremacy of the skies. The sun has returned to Siglufjörður and the Fljót region, after resting behind the mountains during the darkest days.

In North Iceland, the winters are long and dark, brightened by the sheer white snow blanket that covers landscapes and human dwellings and decorated by the dancing Northern lights in the starscape of the Arctic region.

The long ski season in North Iceland

This is the ski season in the North. Rising in the early morning to the smell of freshly baked bread and hot coffee, skiers dress up in their warm winter clothes, strap their skis on and head to the mountains and valleys in Troll peninsula to enjoy a crisp day of companionship, laughter, and movement. The local landscapes provide playgrounds for all kinds of winter activities – Sóti‘s neighborhood has it all.

Last weekend marked the start of the winter program at Sóti Summits. We have enjoyed the company of new and returning friends, who have chosen between taking in the wonderful views of our valleys on cross-country ski excursions or summiting mountains to zip down in the untouched powdery snow. Our experienced guides have provided training and navigation, ensuring the enjoyment of all and the safety and security necessary to be able to comfortably enjoy stretching your abilities and discovering your new limits.

Our diverse offer

Sóti summits offer a variety of tours and courses to meet all expectations and skillsets. We are happy to tailor group itineraries to your specific needs and invite you to enjoy our warm hospitality and professional services through personalized, bespoke tours to the open vistas of North Iceland.

For information and booking, please contact us: . We look forward to your visit.