In winter, the Fljótin region is enveloped in a blanket of snow and rests in the darkness of the frigid sky. Every now and then, the skies rip open and the forceful gales of the arctic season remind you that the natural elements are in charge here, whatever man has planned.

Following the winter solstice the sun rises a tiny bit higher every day. In February one is surprised once again. By the discovery of warmth on a cheek, by the brightness of sunrays lighting up the wilderness.

At Sóti Summits, we have welcomed a number of cross-country skiers this winter. They have braved the sometimes unstable weather and reaped rewards; by learning from our excellent ski instructors and finding comradeship in shared outdoors adventures. Afterwards, friendships are strengthened through restoring and invigorating in the coziness and comfort of Sóti Lodge and the Barðslaug swimming pool.

We have also hosted families, who are looking for an exceptional place to spend time and together. With us, they create memories through shared, unforgettable experiences.


Seasons change. In the coming weeks we will welcome our back country skiers, eager to brave the mountain slopes of Troll Peninsula. We offer wonderful tours and courses for those who want the challenge of the back country slopes. Our sister company, Summit Heliskiing, still has openings for those who are looking for the exhilaration of heliskiing.

Few things can top the extreme sense of wellbeing that follows a day of outdoor activities, except perhaps basking in the comfortable services of Sóti Lodge. We look forward to our playful spring on Troll Peninsula.