Easter in Iceland

In Iceland, Easter is normally the height of the late winter season for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. While snow conditions are fairly stable in large parts of the country, the sun has become warm, and the days are now deliciously long. North Iceland abounds with offers for skiers of all persuasions, ski resorts are a kaleidoscope of multicoloured parkas and the mountains and slopes of the backcountry are full of winter sport enthusiasts and explorers.

The Easter weekend spans five consecutive days in the Icelandic work calendar, and since it is not as loaded with family visits and celebratory traditions as Christmas, Icelanders cherish this time to gather, relax and chill – and make use of the great outdoors for refreshing activities in the crisp spring air.

Normally an active time of year, but…

In recent years, Easter has also been a bustle of activity for the tourism industry in Iceland. Our foreign visitors have enjoyed this season, experiencing the wonderful natural sites in the springtime weather, skiing in the beautiful backcountry regions, feeling the warmth of the sun during daytime and watching the Northern lights at night. Alas, this is the second year that a dent has been put in the Icelandic Easter Adventure. Resorts are quiet and we stay at home, huddling with our closest family members, waiting for our circumstances to change.

The elements have sent us a volcano eruption at the Reykjanes peninsula to distract from the tedious circumstances we find ourselves in. Icelanders have certainly embraced the opportunity to observe the majestic forces at work in creating new land in our backyard.

At Sóti Summits, we offer adventurous tours on electric mountain bikes to observe the area around Siglufjörður town, a great option for those looking for a little bit more action in their trip!

And as we ease out of the latest restrictions, a diverse program awaits enthusiastic visitors – backcountry skiing, kayaking, biking, hiking…we will translate your wishes into an unforgettable Troll peninsula adventure.

See you soon!