We are well into the summer season now, and our e-mountain bike tours are once again stealing the show! If you’re thinking about joining us for a tour, but you aren’t quite sure what to expect, read on to find out more.

The bikes

We ride Moustache-brand full-suspension electric mountain bikes, powered by Bosch performance-line motors. Sounds exciting – but what exactly does that mean for you?

The bikes in our fleet are, first and foremost, high-spec mountain bikes – that means you ride them just like any other bike! You do need to pedal, you will be changing gears, and the steering and braking is exactly the same as you’d expect from any regular bicycle. Sure, they’re a little heavier than a non-electric mountain bike, but the extra boost you get from the motor means you’ll never notice during the ride.

The motor is controlled via a small computer attached to the handlebars, and it really couldn’t be easier to use. Simply click the + or – buttons by the display to increase or decrease the assistance the bike offers. This feature really evens out the playing field for riders of different levels – if you need a bit of a boost, you can crank the motor up to turbo mode, or if you’re looking for a challenge, you can even turn it off completely! So if you’re a small group or family with a range of abilities, rest assured that everyone can have a great time pedaling together.

The tours

Our tours vary a little bit based on weather, trail condition and the time of year, but generally, they offer a fun, laid-back way to experience Siglufjörður and learn a bit about its history and development. We often ride out to the beach, where it’s possible to take a short stroll out to the destroyed Evanger herring factory, and enjoy some fun flowy 4×4 trails skirting along the edge of the Hólsdalur valley. It’s common to then take a quick break in the forest before climbing up into the Avalanche Garden area of Siglufjörður – which you can also experience on one of our short hikes, if you prefer.

The tours do include plenty of stops for photos, a quick drink of water, and chance to learn about the environment and culture,

Is it for me?

If you can ride a bike, you’re very welcome on our tours, even if you’re a complete beginner. Our guides can introduce you gently to off-road terrain, if you’ve never ridden it before, or give you the opportunity to ride a bit faster and maybe even splash through some rivers if you’re really keen!

Advanced riders looking for more challenging trails should reach out directly to learn more about the option to ride over Siglufjarðarskarð pass – which includes a significant climb and fun but rough descent, and a scenic road ride to return to Siglufjörður town.

So grab your backpack, throw in a spare layer, light snack and a bottle of water, and come and join us for a unique, custom e-mountain bike adventure in Siglufjörður!