What busy bees we’ve been! This week we are proud to reflect on the EUCHIS 2023 conference held right here in Siglufjörður this September 2023.

Welcoming almost 120 guests from as far as Japan and India and as local as… well, Siglufjörður, the conference provided an opportunity for all chitin and chitosan enthusiasts to share their most cutting-edge research and academic developments.

What is chitosan?

Chitosan is a derivative of chitin, a substance found in shellfish, fungi and insects. Chitosan can appear in various different forms and has an incredible range of uses. These include waste water processing, blood clotting and effective delivery of medicinal drugs, to name just a few!

The conference

EUCHIS 2023 took place across several venues in Siglufjörður including Hotel Sigló, Kaffi Rauðka, and the Herring Era Museum’s Boathouse.

We began with a reception at the Segull 67 brewery, allowing participants to relax after their travels, and get to know each other a little. Posters were on display in the Kaffi Rauðka building throughout the event, and a total of nine presentation sessions took place between the Benecta house and Hotel Sigló’s dedicated conference room. A drinks reception was held at the Herring Era Museum, before the conference dinner at Kaffi Rauðka. We celebrated the presidency of the EUCHIS society passing from Bruno Mörschbacher to Laurent David, and danced the night away to live music.

We were blessed by the weather throughout the event. Sunny skies made for perfect conditions for both our oak boat excursion and hike up to Hvanneyrarskál. Kayakers enjoyed paddling in the fjord, and we also ran a specially-designed bus tour around the tip of the Troll peninsula. Participants immersed themselves in the local history and culture, and had a fantastic time on all of our social program events!

The elusive northern lights were also on our side – dancing spectacularly across clear skies each evening!

Conference town: Siglufjörður

We are delighted to be associated with this conference for many reasons, not least that we have been part of proving that our beloved Siglufjörður is not only a viable, but an excellent conference venue. With a range of quality, characterful accommodation options, dinner venues and presentation rooms, we have what it takes to make your event a success. If you’re planning a conference and you’d like it to be unforgettable – get in touch today.


This conference could not have taken place without the help of our valued sponsors. We particularly thank our platinum sponsors Genis, Primex and Ísfélag.

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