…and finally, North Iceland is seeing temperatures in the double digits! 

The summer has indeed been a bit chilly here in the northernmost municipality of Iceland. Of course, as true Icelanders, that hasn’t stopped us from taking every opportunity to go out and play! The cool weather has, we are told, been a welcome relief to our European visitors, who have been enjoying the brisk air that has been our day to day reality. 

We are, however, looking forward to a bit of sun. According to our friendly meteorologists, August promises to bring warmer winds to our region.  We might even happily wear our t-shirts outdoors at some point! 

Get ready to go out and play!

Summer in North Iceland is a haven for outdoor adventures and discovering wild places.  At Sóti Summits, our team has kept warm by participating in the many activities we have on offer for this season: 

  • Our exciting guided e-mountainbike tours, available every day, in which we pedal through the outskirts of Siglufjörður. We explore the valleys, trails and avalanche guards that provide a playground for beginners and experienced riders alike. We use state of the art mountain bikes and adapt our tours to every level of ability.  There is no better way to explore the backyard of Siglufjörður than this. 
  • Our fabulous boat excursions on board the meticulously cared-for oak boat Örkin, where we get a brand new perspective of the arctic coastline, listen to stories of bravery and survival from our not-too-distant past – and watch out for possible wildlife viewings. 
  • Our walking and hiking tours, catered to all levels of proficiency and interest, from our popular 1 our historic Sigló stroll to our challenging daytours across the mountain passes that were, for so long, the only way to access Siglufjörður by land. 
  • Our relaxing flotation sessions in Barðslaug, where the geothermal water envelopes and refreshes the senses.

Our guides are local and have a deep knowledge of the Troll peninsula, its nature and history. We organise tailor made schedules for families and small groups and are happy to provide our guests with a personal, truly local experience! 

For information and enquiries, contact us though info@sotisummits.is.