Sometimes, the Icelandic summer loses its way…

The past week was certainly challenging here at the tip of Troll peninsula in North Iceland. The pending summer decided to take a break from its duty to provide warmth and comfort, and got the remnants of winter past to stand in. The consequence of this was a week of cold, northern winds. They brought with them snow, sleet, impassable roads and a general winter lethargy among those who live here. Any summer tour planned had to be postponed.

At Sóti Lodge, our guests plans were challenged. Instead of the hiking and excursions planned, indoor activities had to be activated. Instead of cool drinks, we offered hot waffles and cocoa.

Thank goodness for our neighbors at Langhús farm, who have bad weather options for their horse tours. Their family tour, with a visit to their indoor hot tub included, provided a welcome break for families visiting our lodge. The breadth of long and short hiking routes ensured that those who wanted to brave the elements could still have a beautiful, if not overly warm, day outing. Of course, our local pool, Barðslaug, offered respite from the weather also, with its hot tub and sauna.

As quickly as winter popped in, it will depart. Next week we are forecast beautiful, sunny weather. Temperatures might go up to 15°C, fairly warm for this time of year in the sub-arctic. We are used to this; weather conditions can quickly change here, all depending on from where the winds blow.

Our summer tours are on!

We look forward to it. In Fljót, we offer our wonderful lodge with its three course dinners, breakfast buffet, and of course Barðslaug swimming pool and sauna (check out our flotation sessions!). And all around the tip of Troll peninsula, we offer a variety of day excursions all summar long.

Our E-mountainbike tours have been popular in the past years. We offer beginners and intermediate riders an opportunity to explore the valleys and hills of Siglufjörður with experienced guides on state of the arts e-mountainbikes. Foir more experienced riders, we provide more challenges, with a round tour over the Siglufjörður pass and through the Strákar tunnel.

We offer weekly boat tours on board the restored oak boat Örkin, departing at 10AM Saturdays for a family friendly adventure in the Siglufjörður bay. We learn about birds and marine life, study  the stories the hills and mountains provide, and discuss the history of this northernmost township in Iceland. Along the way, those who wish can try their hand at a spot of sea angling.

Our day hikes range from the easy and accessible afternoon hike to Hvanneyrarskál above the town, to more challenging day hikes on historic paths all over the area. These routes were the transportation system until far into the 20th century. Stories abound about the people who traversed them, while they eked out an existence in the harsh nature of the subarctic.

Join us with you favourite travel companions!

Of course, we are happy and eager to design and host private tours for groups, families and individuals.

Are you looking for a diverse and immersing experience here in the far north? Drop us a line at info@sotisummits.isso we can explore how to make your North Iceland visit even more memorable.

See you in the North Iceland summer!