Ski touring is exciting and exhilarating – and a hard day’s work. Every exertion calls for some down time, a chance to relax the muscles, stretch the limbs and enjoy good company.

Troll peninsula, with its multitude of runs and endless mountain vistas offers a chance for new adventures every day, and in fact even the down time at Sóti Lodge can bring its own sense of exhilaration.

The difference in light

In the midst of winter, daylight is sparsely doled out. The sun is either a distant memory or momentarily brushing against frostbitten cheeks with its cool-fingered rays. Skiers use the hours of visibility wisely and energetically on the backcountry slopes or gliding along the Nordic ski tracks.

As winter turns to spring, North Iceland is still a haven for skiers of all inclinations. However, now daylight has taken over from darkness and the springtime skier returns to base in the early evening sunshine set to the music of the returning migratory birds.

Trudging to the Barðslaug pool after a hard day’s ski touring, the guest at Sóti Lodge is invited to a new journey for the mind and soul, whatever the season may be.

Visiting the stars in wintertime

In wintertime the sky above seems black upon arrival to the lodge. The warm waters of the pool beckon, an envelopment of warm, soft thermal water that contrasts nicely with the crisp winter air. The moon is almost full, and we prepare for floating. The lights are turned off in the pool area. The sense of weightlessness takes over and all eyes turn towards the dark skies. The darkness is pitch black at first. However, as the eyesight adjusts constellations become visible and the moon becomes a beacon. We are in the dark. We are floating in the weightlessness of geothermal waters from the bowels of Earth, gazing towards and connecting with the stars in the sky. It is an extraordinary feeling.

The sounds of springtime

During springtime our pool experience is accompanied by the sounds of spring.  The rustling of the tree branches in the springtime wind, the gurgling of the springs, fed by meltwater. The cacophony of mating birds, all vying for the best nesting sites. Now, we can close our eyes and focus our other senses on the soundscape and the flow of the warm pool water.

At Sóti Summits, we offer floating sessions as part of all our ski touring adventures. A visit to the local pool is one of the most Icelandic experiences on offer. At Sóti Lodge we combine that experience with simple aquatic stretches help loosen up tense muscles and floating experiences using Flothetta caps and supports. A sense of common experience develops: everyone is in the pool together, sharing the same water, the same air, and the same sky.

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