Happy birthday!

It is a year now since Sóti Summits started its operation, when our first ski touring participants were welcomed at Sóti Lodge. On Saturday Sóti Summits celebrated its first anniversary at Sóti Lodge with some of those first guests, who returned for a second tour this year. Also celebrating with us were participants in our first sea kayak course, led by Veiga Grétarsdóttir.

A year of development

A year is not a long time for a travel company. For us at Sóti Summits this first anniversary marks an opportunity to look proudly back at what we have achieved. The year has given us an opportunity to design and develop a diverse portfolio of exclusive, high quality tours. We offer professional organization, excellent guides and course leaders, and  ensure both inner and outer wellness through our superb services at Sóti Lodge.

Quality and diversity

The unpretentious luxury at Sóti Lodge has gained a reputation. We state unequivocally that the surroundings, services, accommodation and gastronomy provide a singular experience to our guests. Our portfolio reflects the diversity of Troll peninsula as a destination, where each season offers a favorite pastime, exclusive for our beautiful surroundings.

Guests of Sóti have graced us with their comments. What has warmed our hearts however, is seeing them arriving back exuberant to the lodge after a day of adventure. There they enjoy the comforts and warm hospitality of the lodge and head out again in the morning,happily anticipating the day ahead. Our main ambition is to deliver a perfect and memorable travel experience to our customers.

Perfect partnerships

We have been fortunate in our partnerships with service providers around Iceland. Sólir yoga studio has directed our yoga sessions, Langhús farm has offered horse tours. Veiga Grétarsdóttir has led her excellent sea kayak course and Summit heliskiing provided the heliskiing offer, to name a few. We look forward to strengthening our partnerships and creating new ones.

Summer is around the corner!

Summer awaits us. We have now published our catalogue of summer offers and pride ourselves in our tours and events. We have planned hiking tours led by experienced local guides, exciting mountain biking tours with our local biking specialists, repeated kayak courses and the pinnacle of summer adventure – a long weekend, tightly packed with the best that Troll peninsula has to offer the discerning visitor. As always, we are happy to accommodate you with tailor made programs of all kinds.

The owners of Sóti Summits embarked upon the renovation of the old schoolhouse in Fljót in the autumn of 2017. Their dream was to offer high quality services for discerning travelers to the North of Iceland and to introduce the idyllic nature of the North to adventurers and connoisseurs alike. The adventure has been even greater than they anticipated.

At Sóti, we believe that the future is ours. We will continue developing our unpretentious luxury offer for those with the thirst for authentic travel – at the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

We look forward to your visit.