Spectacular summer

Summer in Iceland is a joy. There’s a palpable excitement in the air as the snow loosens its hold on the highest peaks and plant life begins to flourish. Birds flock to our shores and their cries mix with the laughter of young people and the echoes of music from various festivals, as everybody heads outside to enjoy the sunshine.

These long, bright days are now preparing to leave us. The signs are subtle, but you can see it in the softening of the mountains – bold, bright greens settling into warm brown, the bold purple lupine giving way to the small, subtler speckling of blueberries and crowberries. If you stay up late enough, you can once again watch the sky fade to darkness.

This time of year is magical in Iceland – the mountain trails are as free of snow as they’re ever going to be, making it the perfect time to enjoy long, remote hikes. Berries are ripening, so take a basket or a tupperware with you, to boil into sticky jam and save as a sweet treat through the upcoming winter.

It’s not over yet

It’s a little early to start tuning up the skis, but keen winter celebrants will already be picturing their lines and planning their routes for the winter, whilst others are planning December getaways to have something to look forward to as the wind and snow return in force.

Have you got plans for this autumn and winter season? Sóti Lodge will remain open through most of September, offering guests one last chance to enjoy the remainder of the summer and enjoy the bustle of the yearly sheep round-up. This takes place all over Iceland, but with Sóti’s rural location and farming neighbours, it’s very likely that you’ll get to see the locals out on foot and horseback, gathering their unruly herds!

We still have rooms available for last-minute bookings and can combine your stay with a variety of activities. So if you’re contemplating having one last adventure this summer, get in touch today and see what we can do for you!