We contribute to the energy exchange plan in Iceland

Our country is unique. Everything in our environment inspires awe: the magnificent and varied nature, the interaction of different forces in the formation of the land, the diversity of plant and animal life and the sensitive biodiversity of  life that thrives here. But nature is fragile and needs to be nurtured. 

Icelandic society is no less unique. Small communities dot the coastline all around the island, each with its own history and characteristics, showcasing the diversity in the cultural tapestry of Iceland, the closeness and communal spirit prevalent. At Sóti Summits, we  are proud to live and work in the northernmost town in Iceland and to play an active role in the local community. 

Sustainability at Sóti Summits

At Sóti Summits, responsible, regenerative operations and sustainability have been guiding principles since the beginning. From the very first days of our operations, we defined the company’s sustainability policy and have striven to follow it ever since. In the policy, we mainly focus on our local environment, the people who live here, the thriving local culture  and the nature that is the main resource for all our activities. 

We also want to be involved in larger projects that are launched on a national scale. That’s why we approached Orkusetur Íslands and asked for support for our plan to install two charging stations for electric cars. They are located next to Sóti Lodge at Barðslaug, our swimming pool. ON provided the stations, while Tengill in Sauðárkrókur took care of the installation. To ensure the access of all electric car owners to the charging stations regardless of snow conditions, we invested in two 10 m long charging cables that we lend on request. 

 Ski adventures at Sóti Lodge

The Fljótin region is renowned for heavy snowfall during the long winters. We happily welcome large numbers of skiers of every inclination during the ski season. This is the cradle of Icelandic skiing, where the first Icelandic ski competition was held in 1905. There is no better place to practice your cross country skiing technique, skin up the many slopes on a backcountry ski adventure, or get your heart pumping while heliskiing. The Troll peninsula has become the capital of off-piste skiing in Iceland. 

We are proud of our participation in strengthening the network of charging stations in this country.

We especially welcome electric car drivers to Sóti Lodge – check out our winter adventures!