Summer is here and it time to go out and play!

Icelanders love and cherish summer. The endless light, the access to nature and the wide open spaces beckon to us to go out and play. We love summer so much that we always forgive it for its fickle weather, putting a brave face on as we slurp our ice cream under the sun during a balmy 5°C day with freezing winds.

The endless days: during summer we can play all day and all night. We can decide to do a bike ride at 10PM, wake up for a morning hike at 4AM and chase the sun along the horizon during a midnight boat tour. Most of us do keep normal hours, though, preferring the relative warmth of the midday to the beautiful chill of midnight.

In Iceland, weather is a state of mind, and as the cliche goes, there is no such thing as bad weather – only bad gear choices. And when the sun does come out, there is no purer joy than to tear off layers of clothes and feel its warmth on your skin.

At Sóti Summits, we offer a range of day tours during the summer aimed at allowing you to experience the true beauty of the Icelandic summer:

For the  adventurous

A three hour E-MTB tour along the valleys and hills of Siglufjörður.  A wonderful ride that gives a new perspective to the nature of the area. Book your tour here: EMTB

For the mariner

A lovely three hour boat tour along the coastline of Siglufjörður and neighbourhood, as we read the stories the landscapes tell us, dive into the history of settlement and survival and check out the wildlife around us. This is a great tour for the whole family, and can be booked here: Örkin

For the listener

We invite you to take a stroll with us through the streets of our little town with the big history. Learn about the history of the town presented to you with a personal twist. This is a lovely little stroll suited for anyone who wants a breath of fresh air with some storytelling thrown in. Book your experience here: Siglóstroll

For the hiker

Siglufjörður is a hikers paradise and our experienced local guides are the perfect companions for a memorable days outing. We offer a range of tours. On Fridays we cross ancient mountain routes in the footers of our forefathers, to our easy afternoon hike along the avalanche rails, ending at Hvanneyrarskál valley where we enjoy wonderful views of our town. You can book your Hvanneyrarskál hike here: Hvanneyrarskál, or check out our longer tours here. Hiking

We look forward to welcoming you to Siglufjörður this summer!

Join us on a scheduled tour, or contact us through and book a private tour for your group.