Meet Captain Gunnar and the oak boat Örkin

Gunnar came to own Örkin in 2003 as a fishing vessel, before deciding to renovate and re-purpose her as a passenger boat in 2017. Nowadays, Örkin’s home harbour is here in Siglufjörður, though she travels regularly around the northern coast and occasionally as far as Greenland.

We love Örkin for her history, for the Icelandic fishing legacy she encapsulates. It is this history which forms the basis of our most popular nautical tour. When you join us for a morning tour around Siglufjörður, you’ll enjoy a sense of wonder and freedom exploring the fjord, and a chance to immerse yourself in the rich maritime culture of Iceland. The final stop on our tour is for you to try your hand at fishing, allowing you to enjoy that same elation of bygone sailors – the thrill of returning ashore with a successful catch!

This tour is the perfect adventure for the whole family, and better yet, leaves you ashore just in time for lunch – we recommend the fish and chips!

And if your soul calls for more adventure…

…then look no further. Each spring, Örkin travels to Iceland’s most remote corner – the incredible Hornstrandir peninsula – to provide a base for hardy skiers as they tackle a spectacular fjord-to-fjord mountain traverse.

This trip is the ultimate experience for anyone looking to stand at wilderness at the edge of the world. Here, the bold lines of the mountains stand firm against the restless crashing of waves. Here, sturdy oak panels are all that stand between you and nature… it’s just you and the crew against the elements!

Or, how about something a little more personal?

A custom experience with drinks and traditional Icelandic snacks, or perhaps a unique pickup after a day of hiking to Siglunes peninsula? A longer excursion into Héðinsfjörður or to visit the storied Hvanndalabjarg cliffs? We can arrange all of these things and more – simply drop us a line, and we’ll see you on board!