It is no wonder that cross country skiing is enjoying a surge in popularity.

Cross-country skiing is an accessible sport for beginners and at the same time a sport that requires skills, stamina, and technique. Cross country skiing provides unparalleled access to the winter landscape, exploration, camaraderie and a platform for physical training and wellbeing such as only winter activities can offer.

Just imagine…

You wake up on a chilly winter morning, have your breakfast and look out the window at the beautiful landscape that awaits you, covered in a blanket of crackling snow. You shimmer into your ski outfit, strap on your boots and step over the threshold. You are ready. You fasten your skis, and with one strong push of your arms, you are off for a day’s adventure.

While taking in the winter landscapes you get a singular opportunity for meditation and mindfulness: you breathe regularly, watching the white landscape meet the blue sky, and enter the zone in which you are totally here and now, at one with yourself and your surroundings.

As simple or as complex as you like

While it is true that all that is needed to start cross country skiing are a pair of skis, good ski boots that fit the bindings, and breathable, non-restrictive winter attire, the sport is also a treasure trove for the gear enthusiast. Variations on the basic cross country skis abound, and to the initiated, it can become a matter of owning the correct skis for every occasion: wax, skin, skate- as you progress in your abilities you learn how to make the best use of the different skis available.

Where do I start?

Sævar Birgisson, our cross country ski course leader, a cross country ski trainer, and a former Olympic competitor have this to say about entering the sport:

„Cross country skiing is a wonderful way to combine physical training and outdoor experience. The cross country ski courses offered by Sóti Travel are tailored for small groups and it certainly enhances the experience to be able to start skiing from the doorstep of the hotel. For those entering the sport, it can be very beneficial to start with a training course to learn the basics. On top of that, many skiers find it invigorating to have a training session to improve their technique and skills. In the courses we offer, we see a lot of camaraderie and bonding, friendships are built and strengthened through common experiences in the outdoors. Cross country ski courses are a great option for everyone who wants to spend quality time outdoors, learn and enhance their skiing technique and enjoy the wonderful company”

Sóti Summits offers tailor-made itineraries to cross-country skiers at all levels in addition to the small group courses that are included in our winter program. Our home base at Sóti Lodge in the Fljótin region of the Troll peninsula is the perfect platform from which to set out, providing quality accommodation, personalized services, and hearty meals.

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