The short summer in Iceland is coming to an end. After enjoying the bright blue skies, crisp air, wide-open spaces, and warmish temperatures of the summer months, we are ready to enjoy the comfort and coziness of the autumn season. The season of harvest and berry picking is upon us. And soon, sheep will be herded from the mountains in the Icelandic fiesta of round-ups.

Sóti Summits tailored Iceland tours

Soti Summits offer tailor-made tours in the North and beyond. We provide year-round services to meet your travel expectations and planning needs, and also design a variety of adventure, culture, and wellness tours aimed at travelers who want to enjoy authentic experiences with a twist of exhilaration.

Would you like to visit Lake Myvatn on an exclusive, personalized tour? Take in the Vatnajökull National park in the company of a former ranger? Travel through the historical sites of Skagafjörður, the home of the Icelandic horse? Enjoy a day of tasting local products in Fljótin and Siglufjörður? We can fit all this and more into your bespoke itinerary.

The more adventurous might want to add some exploration to their tours, by adding hiking, E-mountain biking, sea kayaking, cross country skiing, or ski touring options, tailored to your wishes and time factors.

Sóti Lodge, our home base hotel

Others may just dream of being away from it all, spending quality time in the north to re-balance, re-energize, and rejuvenate. For those, we proudly present Sóti Lodge, our home base.

There, comfort and personal services blend perfectly with the peaceful environment to provide harmony, balance, and rest. Our local geothermal swimming pool next door is a perfect place to enjoy the Icelandic swimming experience, complete with a hot tub and sauna, and to try a curated flotation therapy session. A perfect way to enjoy the northern lights. The beautiful nature all around provides perfect opportunities to enjoy the crisp air while taking a stroll or, when snow conditions reign, trying your skills on show shoes. The local tour operators we collaborate with are ready to take you horseback riding, kayaking, or any of the variety of tours that our wonderful area has to offer.

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Whatever your interests and expectations for your Iceland getaway – we look forward to serving you an experience of a lifetime.